Welcome to The WiseWoman Collective.

Re-membering, Reclaiming and Recording our traditional knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

About Us

Founded by Evony Lynch and Joy Horner in 2022, the collective took shape after a meeting of like-minded birth workers in Cornwall. 

A transformative weekend where challenged the current medicalised birthing system and shared how we can do much better in the service of birthing families. 

Women and Birthing people are voting with their feet, often choosing to not engage with maternity care in pregnancy or birth. But mostly they don't want to travel this journey alone, so they hire doulas or Birthkeepers. 

Doulas and Birthkeepers are often happy to step into this role, but some feel their own training left them with large gaps in their knowledge and skills base. 

Evony and Joy have over 40 years midwifery and Birthkeepers wisdom between them. Both have worked in a variety of NHS midwifery settings, as well as independent and private midwifery care. They have learnt from inspirational teachers including Michael Odent, Ina May Gaskin, Mary Cronk, Gail Tully and Jane Hardwicke Collings. 

Join our community to re-ignite your passion for birth work, to re-discover the art of preparing for and attending births, and caring for the new family, and re-member the ancestral knowledge of birthkeeping which we carry in our DNA. 

Why You Should Join Us

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You'll benefit from Evony and Joy's combined knowledge of over 40 years as midwives and birth workers, plus guest speakers.

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You can also upgrade to the Deep Wisdom for our monthly interactive study circle to develop your birthkeeping and traditional midwifery skills and knowledge.

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for contributing and making this community such a safe and nurturing space. 

Be part of the revolution in the UK!

✨ Join us in Re-membering, Reclaiming and Recording our traditional knowledge of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

✨ Help change the culture of maternity services in the UK. 

✨ Take direct action by training with us and sharing your knowledge with others. 

✨ We all have an important part to play in this Revolution. 

✨ Together we are stronger! 💖